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On 16 March more than 30 key players in the field of ICT in education in Vietnam from more than 20 different organizations from the public and private sector as well as development partners, met in the Army Hotel in Hanoi for a meeting on ICT integration in education. The key players’ meeting was organized by VVOB, in association with the Vietnam National Institute for Educational Sciences (VNIES), the British Council (BC) in Vietnam and UNESCO. The objective of the meeting was to enhance dialogue on ICT integration in education in Vietnam and to facilitate key players to explore potential areas for cooperation.

Ten different key players presented their current and planned activities in the field of ICT in education in Vietnam and identified possible areas for cooperation. The ICT department of the MOET announced that the MOET is developing an ICT in education masterplan for the period 2015-2020 and invited all key players to share their experience with and insight in ICT integration in education in Vietnam. All other presentations can be downloaded below.

To facilitate further dialogue and cooperation, VVOB introduced the framework of ten dimensions of ICT in education that were identified by the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO, 2010): (1) national ICT in education vision; (2) national ICT in education plans and policies; (3) complementary national ICT and education policies; (4) ICT infrastructure and resources in schools; (5) professional development for teachers and school leaders; (6) community/partnerships; (7) ICT in the national curriculum; (8) teaching and learning pedagogies; (9) assessment; and (10) evaluation and research. All key players have been invited to complete an online survey to share their opinion on the current status and targets for 2020 on each of these dimensions for Vietnam. VVOB will prepare a report based in the input received via the survey and organize a second survey round to prioritize identified targets.

By the end of the meeting key players showed a high interest in following up on this. The meeting can be the start of fruitful cooperation between different key players. To keep the momentum going, different working groups will be initiated to address different aspects of ICT in education in Vietnam. The results of the survey on dimensions of ICT in education can be used to direct possible cooperation.